Sheikh Hasina the longest Prime Minister of Bangladesh.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina

Sheikh Hasina

Today We Will We Talk about the longest served Prime Minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina!

In Today’s era Who does not know Sheikh Hasina Wazed? The most famous and Honorable Prime Minister of Bangladesh. Hassina is the 11th Prime Minister of Bangladesh and the longest served Prime Minister in history.

She has done a lot of work on this. She has moved forward in terms of GDP From their nearby Countries and it is very much appreciated, her work is very good, She has done lots of work in their serving year and even today, she always does an amazing job for her country, her style of work is very different. Sheikh Hasina political party name is  Awami League. And her political career Started in 1981.


In Forbes magazine, Hasina Continuously ranks as the most powerful woman in 2017,2018, and 2020. In addition, Hasina has also made a list of Global Thinkers. And the most special thing about Hasina is that she is the daughter of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was the first President of Bangladesh and He is also known as Bangabandhu of the Nation and the Father of the Nation. He faced a lot of difficulties in getting Bangladesh independence.


The Early stage of Hasina

Now Sheikh Hasina’s real age is 73 years old and she was born on 28 September 1947 in Tungipara, Bangladesh. His father’s name is Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Hassia’s father’s name is enough to know her father. His father became the first president of Bangladesh and also Prime Minister. Her mother’s name was Sheikh Fazilatunnesa Mujib and she was a Housewife.

Apart from this, Sheikh Hasina had five siblings. And their names are Sheikh Hasina(herself), Sheikh Rehana, Sheikh Kamal, Sheikh Jamal and Sheikh Russe. After that In 1968 she married M.A. Wazed Miah, an eminent Bengali physicist, his father chose Wazed Miah for Her. And then she settled in West Germany with her husband.

And when her three brothers, including her parents, were mercilessly killed in their own house by several military officers, that time she was not in Bangladesh she is with her husband. It was good for Hasina that she was not in Bangladesh. If she had been in Bangladesh, she would have been killed like the rest of her family members.


Education Of Hasina

Sheikh Hasina received her secondary and higher education from Azimpur Govt. Girls’ School which is established in Dhaka. And she completed her graduation from Eden Mohila College in Azimpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh
In her alma mater, she became an active political campaigner.


The brilliant political career of Sheikh Hasina

In 1981, Hasina enrolled with Awami League Party, this was her first step in politics. Hasina pays more attention to her country than the countries around her, she has made connections with the developed country because the manufacturing sector Hasina wants an international market for her country.

she has focused most on manufacturing in his political life and it has proved to be very good for her and the people of her country. And the result of this is that the GDP of his country has been very good.

Sheikh Hasina has been elected as the Prime Minister of Bangladesh 4 times by the people of her country and it’s very appreciable for her achievements.

Details of Hasina’s years of service as Prime Minister of Bangladesh are given below.

  • In 1996, Hasina became the Prime Minister of Bangladesh for the first time and it was a big achievement for her. And they worked for 5 years, 22 days with the Awami League party.
  • In 2008, She became second time Prime Minister of Bangladesh and thereafter, she became the Prime Minister of Bangladesh consecutively.
  • In 2014  as the third time prime minister
  • 1n 2018 she also served as the Prime Minister for the fourth time.

And still serving in Bangladesh as prime minister. So it was a beautiful journey of his political life as Prime Minister of Bangladesh and is.


Personal Life Of Hasina

If we talk about Hasina’s personal life then she marries M.A. Wazed in 1968, and Wazed Miah died on 9 May 2009. Apart from this Hassina have Two Children One Of them Sajeeb Wazed (son) who is served as a businessman and politician of Bangladesh and the second of them Saima Wazed (daughter) who is a member of the “World Health Organization”

Apart from this, Hasina has the only sibling which is still alive, her name is Sheikh Rehana who is a member of the Awami League party.

So this is Sheikh Hasina’s beautiful family.


Awards And Achievements  of Sheikh Hasina

She has achieved many awards and achievements in her life that can inspire anyone. She has won many awards such as Indira Gandhi Award, Glamour Award The Chosen Ones, Félix Houphouët-Boigny Peace Prize by the UNESCO, Mother Teresa Award, and many other prestigious awards. Also, the people of his country call him the Mother of Education.


The Net Worth of Sheikh Hasina

Sheikh Hasina is the longest Prime Minister of Bangladesh, her Net worth around $ 86.7 billion, and this data is given by Forbes and other Resources. Hasina has served as the Prime Minister of Bangladesh several times and is currently doing as well.


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