Narendra Damodar Das Modi’s Biography

Narendra Damodar Das Modi’s Biography

Narendra Damodar Das Modi's Biography
Narendra Damodar Das Modi’s Biography

This is a great bio of the great personality of India Narendra Damodar Das Modi’s Biography.

  1. Early life
  2. In politics
  3. Prime minister of India
  4. Initiatives and present condition

As we know that Narendra Modi is our 14th prime minister of our country. He was born on 17 September to a family of grocers in Vadnagar in Mehsana district and his full name is Narendra Damodar das, Modi.

He was the third of six children born to Damodardas Mulchand Modi and his wife Hiraben Modi. There were a total of eight members at that time in their family.

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As a child, he helped his father to sell tea at Vadnagar railway station and ran a tea stall with an elder brother near a bus terminus.

He completed his higher secondary education in vinegar in 1967 from a government school, where a teacher described him as an average student and a keen debater, with interest in theatre.

When he was only eight years old, Modi discovered the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and received their R.S.S training.

Engaged while still a child to967 JKashodaben, a girl from a family who lived close by, Modi rejected the arranged marriage at the same time he was graduated from high school.

he resulting family tensions contributed to his decision to live their home in 1967. Modi spent the ensuing two years traveling across northern and north-eastern India.

Swami Vivekananda has been described as a large influence in Modi’s life.

Sometime in late 1969 or early 1970, Modi returned to Vednagar for a brief visit before living again for Ahmedabad.

There, Modi lived with his uncle. After the Indo-Pakistani war of 1971. He stopped working with his uncle and became a full-time campaigner for the R.S.S working under Inamdar.

In 1978 Modi received a bachelor of arts degree in political science from the school of open learning at the University of Delhi.

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